Phoenix Fire is fire fighter owned and operated. Now, our second generation is getting involved, as you can see from the photo above. Jeff Sensenig is Phoenix Fire’s founder – he’s been dealing with fire equipment since he was just a teen. Jeff says, “In 2006, after 24 years of working at LTI, Simon/LTI, American LaFrance Aerials/LTI, I decided I could provide a better service to the firefighting community than what was currently available to them. As I formed more and more contacts with fire departments outside my immediate area, I realized there was a growing need for trained service technicians across the country. This need is what prompted me to start Phoenix Fire.” His thirty-one years of experience speak for his knowledge of and passion for the field of fire and emergency vehicles. Dave Slaughter has twenty-eight years in fire repair. He, like Jeff, knows a fire truck like the back of his hand. Dave and Jeff are in this business because they love bringing customer satisfaction, and they know that their services can save lives.

Jeff Sensenig Bio

Jeff joined the fire company as a junior fire fighter when he was fourteen years old. After high school he entered the Navy; he specialized in Damage Control & Fire Fighting. After leaving the service, he continued as a volunteer fire fighter, serving in various positions: Chief Engineer, Captain, Training Officer and Head Trustee. Jeff started at LTI in 1982. He started out in assembly, moving to final finish (test & adjust for delivery). He spent a few years in the field, traveling the United States for delivery and training, along with repairs and maintenance. While at LTI, he eventually moved to the service shop. He held various positions there: Service Technician, Service Lead-man, and Service Supervisor. As the Service Supervisor, he was responsible for all aspects of the service shop including major vehicle refurbishment. Jeff went out on his own in 2006 to start the Phoenix Fire company. He’s been providing excellent customer service and satisfaction to LTI and emergency vehicles owners ever since!

Dave Slaughter Bio

Dave has twenty-eight years in the fire repair business servicing and maintaining fire apparatus. He got his start through a friend that worked at LTI. He took the job because it paid a dollar/hour more than his old job did. Little did he know he’d found a new career!  He learned a lot over the years – like how to fix just about everything on a fire truck. “It is nice to know that the truck you are fixing could help save somebody someday,” Dave says. He fondly remembers a recent incident, “…just recently we spent a lot of time fixing a pump problem – the customer used it on fire and said everything worked great. It’s not too often you get a phone call that isn’t about the truck that needs work but a call that says thanks because my truck ran very well on the fire ground. This is why we do what we do.”