LED Light Upgrade

It’s absolutely critical that your vehicle’s lights are operating as they should. They warn the public to clear the road and those in need that you’re on the way. Trust Phoenix Fire with your LED lighting upgrade.


Why Consider LED Lighting on Your Apparatus?

  • With the price of LED technology coming down, it has been more economical for departments to upgrade their existing old Halogen type lighting to new LED lighting.
  • See AND be seen – whether it be responding and wanting to be seen, or when on the scene and wanting to see (your surroundings, the ground or what’s in your compartments) – LED lighting has a huge benefit over old Halogen type lighting.
  • Tired of electrical problems, batteries going dead, alternators breaking down, constant load shedding of components or high idle continually turning on? LED lighting dramatically reduces the load on your vehicle electrical circuit thus demanding less work from your alternator and batteries resulting in a better maintained electrical system.

LED Compartment Lighting

It is one of the most beneficial updates to your apparatus for safety and operation. At Phoenix Fire, we have installed LED compartment lighting to many different makes and models of fire apparatus and the results have been very positive. As emergency responders, we rarely get called out in good weather and sunny days, so actually being able to see what is in your compartments is a huge benefit. Not only does it help in seeing your tools, LED lights require a significantly less amps from your vehicle electrical system. This helps in keeping all other electrical loads active when previously some components may have shut down due to an overload on your electrical system.

LED Warning Lights

Are you finally ready to be seen when responding? Phoenix Fire can upgrade all of your existing warning lights to LED. We can install Whelen, Code 3, Federal Signal or a brand that you prefer to match an existing unit in your station or create a completely new look. You name it, Havis Shields, Fire Research, Kwik-Raze and other brands of telescopic lights can have new LED light heads installed.

LED Scene Lighting

“Wow! I can actually see my surroundings when I get out of the rig!” Upgrading to LED lighting can make a huge difference in visibility at the scene, safety and efficiency in performing the task. Phoenix Fire can upgrade your underbody lights, stationary body scene lights and telescopic pole lights to LED lighting. Give us a call or use the contact form to learn more.


Custom Equipment Mounting

At Phoenix Fire we are well aware of the limited and valuable compartment space available on your fire apparatus. Also we know that having the tool easily accessible and easily removable is key to saving lives and property. We have helped customers to organize that catch all compartment where the tool you need is always buried under five or six other tools. We have found that the standard mounts for tools do not always work the best for maximizing storage space. We have designed and fabricated many different types of holders and mounts that are custom to each unit with ease of removal and space saving in mind.

Have a new Truck, Engine, Rescue, Tanker or squad on order? Are looking at all of the equipment you would like to carry on it?

Have an in service unit that needs some new equipment? Can’t figure out where you are going to store it?

How about that apparatus that has one shelf and 20 things piled up on it?

What about not ever knowing if that one piece of equipment is missing because you are not sure which shelf it is on?

What about those items that you do carry on the apparatus but are a major challenge to get out of the compartment?


We will look over your unit, look at the equipment carried, talk to you about what you are looking for and start THINKING, DRAWING, RE-THINKING and RE-DRAWING. We have come up with many innovative ideas for storing all kinds of equipment. Sometimes the same tool mounted on a different truck requires the bracket to be modified to achieve the best outcome.

There have been quite a few almost impossible challenges thrown at us and we never say never.

I know the benefit of getting the tool deployed rapidly for keeping that room and contents called just that and not a fully involved structure. I am ALSO very aware of the financial burdens fire departments are facing. Equipment mounting is a very beneficial step to take for efficient operations and we try really hard to keep the cost to a minimum.

Give us a call to discuss options available and even some free advice on ANY type of equipment mounting project you may be considering.

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