Look to Phoenix Fire when you need specialized LTI Aerial knowledge for troubleshooting a specific problem and/or routine maintenance. Whether on an American LaFrance, Duplex, Pierce, Simon Duplex, Spartan, or other chassis, we can diagnose and repair your apparatus.

Because we are fire fighter owned and operated, not only can we skillfully fix any problem you might be having with your fire apparatus, we understand the complexity of the apparatus, and that it requires the utmost care. We also understand the critical urgency of getting back on the road as soon as possible. That’s why we stock an extensive inventory of LTI replacement parts – we’ll get your LTI serviced and repaired in no time.

Depend on us for the following aerial specifics:

  • Controllers, PQ, OEM and other
  • PTO and hydraulic pumps
  • Electric over hydraulic valves
  • Complete safety interlock switches and controls
  • Hydraulic cylinder re-sealing and repairs
  • Main rotation swivel repairs or replacement
  • Ladder extension and retraction cables and sheaves


Proficient Prevention: Aerial Maintenance and Inspections

American La France recommends your aerial be serviced at 10, 50, 100 and 400 hours of aerial operation. Preventative maintenance can keep your apparatus running longer, and can also help to avoid malfunctions. Trust Phoenix Fire’s comprehensive annual preventive maintenance service – we’ll give your vehicle a thorough check-up, including the following and more:

  1. Lubricate rung rails, slide pads, sheave wheels, bearing and all other designated lube points
  2. Check hydraulic oil
  3. Inspect PTO and hydraulic pump installation
  4. Inspect pressure lines for security and leakage
  5. Check system circuit pressures
  6. Check emergency pump operation
  7. Renew hydraulic filter elements—return filter, pilot filter, and pressure filter, where applicable
  8. Perform cylinder “drift down” checks—outrigger, lift and extension
  9. Check operation of manual overrides
  10. Check operation of safety interlocks and indicators
  11. Check all aerial electrical: mechanical and proximity switches, relays, solenoids and aerial wiring
  12. Inspect outrigger pads for proper installation
  13. Check lock pins on outrigger jacks
  14. Inspect electro-hydraulic swivels for operation and mounting security
  15. Check mounting bolts, frame, swing drive and turntable bearing bolts- On tillers only, fifth wheel bearing bolts are checked also
  16. Complete control function checks at all operator’s stations

We’ll provide a complete, comprehensive check sheet – it will show you what we’ve inspected and any issues we’ve discovered.

Convenient Aerial Re-Certification

NFPA 1911 recommends aerial re-certification be completed yearly. For your convenience, consider scheduling this with your aerial preventative maintenance. A 3rd party aerial inspection can be performed at your facility or ours. If you prefer, annual aerial inspection and re-certification can be coordinated with required repairs and preventive maintenance. This will minimize the time that your apparatus is out of service.

If your aerial has already been 3rd party tested, we can complete all needed and recommended repairs. We will follow through, completing the forms required to obtain your Certificate of Inspection.

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